The Big Water Data Cloud

European Call(s)

ICT-12-2018-2020 (RIA) Big Data technologies and extreme-scale analytics

Name of the organisation

KIOS Center of Excellence, University of Cyprus

Description of the organisation

The KIOS Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) operates within the University of Cyprus. It was established in 2008 and was subsequently selected by the EU to advance into a Center of Excellence in 2017.The KIOS CoE is the largest research and innovation center in Cyprus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with more than 100 researchers.
KIOS has succeeded in securing funding in excess of 40 million euros for the period of 2017-2022, as part of the highly competitive Horizon 2020 Teaming program, in partnership with Imperial College London.It has coordinated/participated in more than 60 national and international projects, with more than 70% of funding participation by the EU and the industry.
KIOS CoE specializes on intelligent systems and networks, focusing on monitoring, control, management and security of critical infrastructures (such as power systems, water distribution networks, telecommunication networks, and transportation systems).The Center has participated and coordinated a large number of proposals, including ERC Advance Grants and ERC Proof-of-Concept, H2020/FP7 ICT projects, European Structural Fund Programmes etc.
KIOS CoE has collaboration agreements for research and innovation projects, as well as for small-scale pilots, with a large number of key infrastructure organizations and companies in Cyprus through its Innovation Hub, including the Electricity Authority, the Transmission System Operator, Water Utilities, Department of Transportation, Civil Defense, Telecommunication operators and others.

Main areas of expertise

- Anomaly/Fault event diagnosis
- Optimization and control
- Machine/Computational Intelligence, Neural Networks
- Cyber-Physical Security

Contact Persons

Demetrios Eliades

Looking for: Partner(s)

- Utility Operators
- Smart Sensor/Actuator Providers
- IoT Providers (sensors, platforms)
- SCADA/ICS Integrators
- Cloud-based Software Integrators
- SMEs with innovative services
- Universities/Research Institutes (Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Social Sciences)


Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Republic of Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - UK - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Norway

Main Objectives:

- design and evaluate new architectures for collecting sensor and actuator measurements from consumer IoT devices as well as from existing SCADA/ICS, Industrial IoT and others.
- design semantic interoperability tools to interface and orchestrate between the different devices
- develop new methodologies to allow big-data analytics on these data without revealing personal information
- develop distributed algorithms for edge-computing calculations for data pre-processing and local analytics
- provide real-time state-estimation, analytics and advanced visualizations (3D/VR) using High Performance Computing and Cloud services.
- Integrate state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms as well as other model-based algorithms for monitoring and fault diagnosis, control and self healing
- Design APIs which facilitate the exchange and the commercialization of the big water data.
- establish large-scale use-cases in European water utilities to evaluate the new architectures in real operational environment
- evaluate big-data solutions for cyber-physical security and predictive analytics
- create benchmarks to evaluate quantitatively the impact of the innovative solutions.


- active involvement of water utilities in the design of the architecture and in the testing phase within a real operational environment (TRL7)
- participation of cloud providers in the consortium

Previous EU experience:

ERC Advanced Grant “Fault-Adaptive Monitoring and Control of Complex Distributed Dynamical Systems”
- FP7-ICT “Making Sense out of Nonsense” iSense
- H2020 “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation - Teaming Phase 2” KIOS CoE
- COST Action IC0806 “Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems” IntelliCIS
- ERC PoC “SmartTap: Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality”
- ERC Proof-of-Concept “Domognostics: Reducing energy losses in buildings using intelligent building automation diagnostics”
- Leading two SOLAR-ERA.NET EU FP7 projects, namely "PV2GRID" and "ENHANCE"
- H2020 "FLEXITRANSTORE" project
- FP7 ERANET MED 3DMicroGrid
- DG ECHO Prevention and preparedness in civil protection "PREventing Disasters by CApitalizing on unmanned aerial systems TEchnology (PREDICATE)"