Small scale circular solutions for water treatment

European Call(s)

CE SC5 04 2019

Name of the organisation

IRIS srl

Description of the organisation

IRIS develops new applications for plasma and laser technology. It is patenting a system for treating water and liquid foodstuff using plasma technology, also used for solid waste treatment on a small scale. Alongside this line of business, IRIS specialises in characterisation of processes for novel manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing.

Main areas of expertise

Innovative small scale tertiary water treatment (Advanced Oxidation Process technology). Linked to a wide network of academic and SMEs developing similar advanced devices\/technologies.

Contact Persons

Ilaria Schiavi

Looking for: Partner(s) - Coordinator

Industries interested in interfacing with the area surrounding their plants\/installations to seek opportunities for using water available locally (e.g. grey waters from housing\/commercial activities, rain water from run off of surrounding paved areas etc) whatever its origin, and opportunities for making available their process water to other potential users (other local plants, farms, ect).


Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Republic of Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - UK - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Norway

Main Objectives:

Enabling local recirculation of water whatever its provenance using ad hoc treatment plants for incoming water and relieving pressure on the water infrastructure. Demonstration on a mixed use district (housing, retail, industry, agriculture).


Interest by a defined district with mixed use: buy-in of local industries, local authorities, housing developers\/managers, commercial activities, local water utility.

Previous EU experience:

Coordinator of a proposal for Stage 2 of CIRC 02b call (September 2017) with over 20 partners including at least two WssTP members. SME Instrument Champion (Phase 1). Participation to projects Blue Growth, MSCA ITN, Factories of the Future (one as coordinator).