Disrupting local water governance

European Call(s)

SC5-11-2018: Digital solutions for water: fostering, digitization, smartening water systems

Name of the organisation

Municipality of Hjoerring

Description of the organisation

The Municipality of Hjoerring is a Municipality in Denmark. The municipality is a rural municipality with nature, beaches and streams. The administration is interested in development, and especially interested in using the new technology to develop our way of governing

Main areas of expertise

Local governing the field of water. The municipality of Hjoerring have an interest in developing the municipality to be a place where a)companies can develop in harmony with environment and nature, b)citizen get the opportunity to manage their wishes to use our shared water-resources. Expertise in disruption: Aalborg University Department of Disruption If we shall have success with developing new administration procedure, we need to disrupt our way of working. Aalborg University Department of Disruption has great experience in working with disuptive projects.

Contact Person

Martin Berg

Looking for: Partner(s) - Coordinator

Local government in the field of water.
University with experience in water-technology
Communication Agencies


Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Republic of Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - UK - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Norway

Main Objectives:

The Municipality of Hjoerring will develop new administration-methods to manage permits to recover groundwater. We will base our new methods on real-time measurements and give users access to govern their own permits. The Municipality of Hjoerring will develop new methods to manage our obligations regarding bathing water and beaches. We wish to use data from social-medias to ensure information to bathing guest.
Our objectives will be achieved by:
Disrupting the way we of managing the field of water
Implementing new methods to collect data
Develop new systems to use the data
Develop new methods to make data axxessible
Develop new procedures to govern
Develop new methods to communicate
key challenge is changing our way of governing the area.


Our challenge is our success in disrupting our way of governing the field of water.

The local government way of governing is characterized by being reactionary and acting on the basis of already occurred events. We use big heavy models that can model the future based on experience, analysis and collected data. A challenge is, in what extend, we can release us form this way of governing, and instead trust in a new thinking where governing are based on real-time input.
When a local government exercises their governance, we have a tradition on being mistrustful towards the citizensand desire to protect the environment and nature. Our challenge will be in what extend, we dare to release the governance, trust in that citizens can protect our common resources

Previous EU experience:

The Municipality of Hj\u00f8rring has experience as coordinator in 3 Interreg EU projects.\n1.\tH\u00e5llbar Utveckling \u2013 Sustainable Development\n2.\tSamskabende gr\u00f8n omstilling - Co-creation the green change\n3.\tDriftsoptimering af ledningsnet til fjernvarme \u2013 Operational optimization of district heating network.